This Course Is For You If...

+ You want to grow your blog pageviews so you can land larger brand partnerships

+ Finding keywords and knowing where to use headings in a post confusing and overwhelming

+ Creating consistent affiliate revenue from your blog is a struggle for your business

+ You're a brand or influencer who has a blog and are looking for ways to show up more often in Google searches

A Few Favorite Topics We Will Cover

Finding Content Ideas

We'll help you brainstorm blog post ideas for your website that will perform well on Google. Plus, build an editorial calendar with both seasonal and evergreen posts!

Keyword Research

This course will show you when, where and how to discover the best keywords to use throughout your blog post so they get traction and stay competitive on Google.

Step By Step Blog Posts

Whether you're a beauty, travel, style or a food blogger, we'll show you step-by-step exactly how to write a great SEO powerhouse blog post from start to finish.

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SEO For Bloggers

Grow Your Pageviews + Affiliate Revenue With These SEO Tips Designed For Bloggers

A course designed for bloggers looking to grow their pageviews and increase their affiliate income. We'll teach you about brainstorming content ideas that work for your brand, doing proper keyword research plus complete tutorials on how to write a powerhouse SEO-friendly blog post from start to finish.